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TSC Financial Services Ltd. is an independently owned and managed Financial Planning and Wealth Management Company located in the Cayman Islands.

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Allan Shine, CFP®

Founder of TSC Financial Services Ltd.

We Care About You

TSC Financial Services Limited is an Independent Financial Planning and Wealth Management Company located in the Cayman Islands, with offices internationally.

We offer a wide range of world-class investment services, supported by highly qualified, professionally accredited and trustworthy financial advisors to help you plan your future. We have investment platforms and products, with portfolio management strategies suitable for Caymanians, Ex Pats and International Clients.

We were established internationally in 2011 and are regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) to conduct Securities Investment Business.

Why Choose Us

We are a CFP® Professional managed practice

We follow the highest regarded professional designation in Financial Planning internationally, following The Financial Planning Standards Board Standards and Code of Ethics (www.fpsb.org).

There are no other practicing CFP® Professionals in the Cayman Islands, as the designation is specific to the profession of financial planning as a whole, which encompasses a professional understanding in wealth management, insurance, estate planning, tax, corporate finance, which has been overlooked by wealth management companies and family offices who have focused on a single aspect of finance instead of following a holistic approach.

Apart from the other major advantages that dealing with a CFP® offers, we act in a fiduciary capacity when dealing with our clients, maintain Continuous Professional Development (CPDs), and follow best practice with regard to our business structure, advisory processes and recommendations. Our advisors are also required to be members of the CFA Society of the Cayman Islands or another similar professional organisation. 

When we say we’re independent, we actually mean it

When you entrust us to manage your investments, you’ll rest assured that we are acting in your best interests by our very nature and design. Our ownership structure therefore excludes banks, venture capital firms or other shareholders seeking only to maximize profits. This is one of the most important considerations to make when picking an advisor, but is often overlooked.

The Investment Platforms, Products and Services we offer are not partly or wholly owned by us, nor are we a subsidiary of any fund, investment platform or financial services or product provider. We are free to recommend any Custodian Bank, Investment Platform, Investment Product or other service provider to our clients. 

Our advice and fee structure is fair, equitable and transparent

Our advice and fee structure is fair, equitable and transparent, and can be tailored to each individual client and their level of wealth. 

We have a remuneration structure that can be entirely commission based or entirely fee based, or a cost effective combination of commission and fees, and/or factor in shared value based on asset growth (growth sharing).

We will help you tailor your advisor remuneration to protect your best interests while maintaining a sustainable client-advisor relationship. This keeps the service professional by avoiding a sales focused interaction, while continued services and your maximum net return becomes the focus, rather than the initial interaction.

Due to our client centric and flexible approach, we can accept a wide range of clients by offering a tailored and transparent investment service that is suitable for professionals, companies, high net worth individuals and trusts.

We work on Agile and ESG Business Principles

We work on Agile Business Principles, which helps us focus on reducing wastage and inefficiencies for the benefit of our clients and the sustainability of our business and the environment.

By reducing our carbon footprint as part of our business strategy, this remarkably lowers the fees and charges our clients experience, thereby increasing Return on Investment without increasing risk, enhancing the service experience.

We give back to society by conducting financial literacy seminars and presentations at local companies, often taking on young and ambitious Caymanian clients on a pro bono basis. We encourage our staff to get involved with their Church, volunteer their time to local charities and events, and help make a positive impact in everything they do.

This ties up with our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) focused business, while giving us the agility, paired with the professional knowledge and expertise, to spearhead the change we want to see in the advice and investment industry in the Cayman Islands.

We remain flexible in our approach to advice and wealth management

Times change and each client is different. We will remain flexible enough to adapt to a changing economic, social and regulatory environment, skillfully relaying this back into your planning, objectives and investment strategy.

Our independent approach to selecting investment options, combined with our flexible remuneration structure allows for us to engage with our clients where unique situations require bespoke services. We care about our clients best interest enough to have structured our business strategy to be centric to their changing needs and interests as time goes by, ensuring a long term, trusting relationship.

We have a penchant for always striving to be the best at what we do, so if it takes going the extra mile for our clients, or changing the way we do things for the benefit of our clients and society at large, that’s what we’ll do.

About Us

TSC Financial Services Limited is an Independent Financial Planning and Wealth Management Company located in the Cayman Islands, with offices internationally.

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